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Amusing the Zillion Online Newspaper August 16, 2012

Amusing the Zillion

A former carny kid casts an insider’s eye on the amusement business, Coney Island, and fun places in between




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Art of the Day: Steeplechase Funny Place by Bonnie Siracusa

Posted in amusement park, art, tagged Bonnie Siracusa, post office, Steeplechase Park on August 16, 2012 | 8 Comments »

Steeplechase Mural by Bonnie Siracusa, Mermaid Avenue Post Office, Coney Island. Photo by AmusingtheZillion.com

When Coney Island’s amusement area had a U.S. Post Office on Surf Avenue in Steeplechase Park, visitors mailed hundreds of thousands of postcards from the World’s Playground. Steeplechase closed in 1964 but Coney Island’s post office on Mermaid Avenue at 28th Street is worth a trip. It’s a bit of a hike from the amusement area but the interior is decorated with murals of Steeplechase, the Funny Place by artist Bonnie Siracusa. The Human Roulette Wheel, Parachute Jump and Pavilion of Fun are among the subjects along with the Wonder Wheel and the Cyclone.