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Bonnie Siracusa’s Books:

Bonnie Siracusa Book - New York Nostalgia

New York Nostalgia

Bonnie Siracusa depicts the stories behind her famous historical murals that inspired the creation of her New York Nostalgia Long Island and New York City giclée series, with comprehensive narrative and a beautifully illustrated collection of collectible, museum quality prints and archival newspaper articles.

Bonnie Siracusa Book - Coney Island Mermaids

Coney Island Mermaids - Special Collector’s Edition

A treasury of actual sized limited edition prints of the Coney Island Mermaid Parade taken, in 2014, by Bonnie Siracusa an acclaimed artist and first time marcher. These portraits come alive with such raw emotion and vivid color that they speak for themselves. Enjoy the experience, and get inspired to become part of it someday.

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Coney Island Mermaids - Boardwalk Edition
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Bonnie Siracusa Book - Spectacular Holiday Light Displays

Spectacular Holiday Light Displays

One of Bonnie Siracusa’s favorite winter passions is going on a treasure hunt for sparkling holiday light gems in the night. Their brilliant colors illuminate the longest nights of the year. In this 2nd edition book, since her first edition book “Celebration of Lights on Long Island”, she has gone on a camera shooting expedition of residential light displays beyond her homeland of Long Island, into Queens and Brooklyn, New york

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Bonnie Siracusa Book - A Celebration Of Lights On Long Island

A Celebration Of Lights On Long Island

Bonnie Siracusa takes you on a local tour of over-the-top holiday light displays, through her artistically delectable photos, all wrapped up in this majestic little conversation piece. This would make an elegant addition to the holiday decor on the coffee or dining room table, or a sublime gift that could be given along with a box of assorted chocolates or a bottle of champagne. It looks good enough to eat, but don’t confuse it with dessert.

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